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Trusall Ventilation - Air Conditioning

About Trusall

Trusall Ventilation has grown tremendously over the last 45 years and especially relevant so has our experience.

We have become one of the leading providers of Ventilation, Air conditioning and also Heating products.

We also guarantee that there is no one better or more qualified for the job.
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Trusall Design

Duct System Designs

We design ‘extract and supply duct systems’ for commercial, industrial and also retail premises and then manufacture and install them.

Our AutoCAD experienced engineers will design your system with you to ensure that your requirements are met and your needs are also satisfied.

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plasma cutter

Duct System Manufacturing

All of our systems are manufactured in house.
This ensures the continued high standards of workmanship and also the finish.

Our state of the art flatbed plasma cutter swiftly and efficiently manufactures bespoke ventilation ducts to meet our design drawings.

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Trusall Install

Duct System Installation

We also have our own fully trained and certified fitting team. They will also be on site to monitor the install.

They will also ensure that every system installation is carried out to the exact and highest standard.

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Trusall Maintenance

After Sales Service

Trusall offers an exceptional standard of workmanship from design to installation and also beyond.

We also have a Maintenance Crew that is always on hand to tackle any problems.

” After Care is just as important, maybe more so.

Trusall Science - Air Conditioning

Science Facts

Air conditioners are also lifesavers. If you can not stand the heat then cooling your room on hot days is a must.

How do they achieve this?
Find out about the Chemistry and Physics behind Air Conditioning.

Our company has also catered for many businesses large and small, providing fresh air to millions of people.