Types of Air Conditioning Units

There is an ever-wider variety of air conditioning systems available – all of which are becoming increasingly sophisticated, with special reference to their environmental acceptability and levels of energy efficiency.

Likewise, the circumstances in which air conditioning equipment is required to operate are constantly changing and developing. For example, it may be necessary to heat the air first thing in the morning, cool it at midday and heat it again in the evening.

The system has to do this automatically and unsupervised – which means that it must be programmed to sense what job it should be doing at any given time and under any given conditions. And it must manage all this without inconvenience to those living or working in the conditioned space. All this has a decisive bearing on the design of the system, the type of equipment specified and where the equipment should be located.

Below are some brief descriptions of the main types of system that are available, if you would like to know more about any of the systems that are listed below please feel free to contact us.

Mobile Air Conditioning Units

Mobile Units are ideal for small offices/room(s) and require no permanent installation. They will plug in to a standard 13 Amp Socket and require no maintenance.

Wall mounted Air Conditioning units

The wall mounted split systems are designed to air condition small and medium sizes areas and are ideal for office shops or domestic applications, They are generally operated by a remote infra-red control.

Cassette Split Air Conditioning System

These units are designed to fit within a false or fixed suspended ceiling, only the air inlet and discharge grills of the indoor unit are visible, all repairs and servicing is carried out from below the ceiling and is generally operated by a remote infra-red control, but can be hard wired.

Cassette Split Air Conditioning System

Below Ceiling Air Conditioning Cassettes

These units can be mounted in a room without any false ceilings, they are ideal for retail premises as well as offices as they evenly distribute the air via there 4 way blow discharge. They are generally operated by a hard wired remote control.

Flexi Air Conditioning units

These units can be floor mounted or suspended from the ceiling without modification or additional accessories and are ideal for domestic or commercial use. They are generally operated by a remote infra-red control.

Ducted Air Conditioning Units

These units are totally concealed above a false ceiling and the air is distributed via a duct network, this makes it possible to condition more than one room using a single indoor unit, they are controlled by a hard wired wall mounted remote control.

Multi Split Air Conditioning Systems

These units allow up to five indoor units from one outdoor condensor unit and are ideally suited for domestic or small office buildings where limited external space is available to site to outdoor unit, each indoor unit runs independently and is operated by a remote infra-red control.

VRV/VRF Systems

These systems enable one outdoor unit to run a combination of indoor units and can be configured for heat recovery, an electronic expansion valve controls the flow of refrigerant into each indoor unit and when each area is satisfied it reduces the compressor speed to match the duty controlling temperature more evenly and reducing energy consumption.
These units are ideally suited to buildings with a large amount of small internal rooms.

Water Systems

Air conditioning systems using water as the heat carrying medium have several advantages, whether they are used for residential or light industrial applications.
They are flexible with different indoor unit options.
The water system can be adapted to suit any application and can be changed easily to suit new office layouts. The refrigerant is concentrated into a small quantity within the liquid chiller, this is generally located outside the building.